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Cosmetic Dentistry

We will provide you with contemporary cosmetic options to suit your individual needs and expectations.


Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure! Having a check up at least twice a year is the first step towards a healthy mouth. We perform the following procedures to prevent dental problems:

  • scaling and polishing
  • fluoride and remineralising treatment
  • x-rays to detect disease in their early stages
  • fissure sealants
  • mouthguards to prevent dental trauma



Fillings are performed to restore decayed or broken teeth. They are usually tooth-coloured (white in colour). Regular check-ups and x-rays are recommended so that we detect cavities early while they are small and managed easily.


Happy Gas Sedation

Feeling nervous about having dental treatment? We offer nitrous gas sedation (commonly known as “happy gas”) to reduce your anxiety so you can have your treatment with confidence.


Kids Dentistry

Your children are well taken care of here. Both Australian and international paediatric dental associations recommend that a child should have his/her first dental visit by the first birthday. An early contact allows your child to meet the dental team in a positive and friendly way while we assess their teeth and growth. A simple check up will allow us to introduce the child to good dental habits and identify risk factors. We also provide information to caregivers about preventative oral care. Regular six monthly visits then allow your child to build a confident and trusting relationship with the dentist, putting them on a path to excellent oral health in the future.



Veneers are shell fillings placed usually on the front teeth to improve the appearance of teeth. They may be utilised to correct minor imperfections such as chips, permanent stains, crooked teeth or unsightly gaps between teeth. Veneers can quickly and easily help you achieve a striking new smile. They can be made of porcelain or composite (plastic white filling material).

Teeth Whitening

Have you always wanted a beautiful white smile? Have your teeth become yellow over time? Are you unhappy with the staining that results from drinking coffee, tea or cola? Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, you're not alone. We provide take home teeth whitening packages to rejuvenate your smile at an affordable price.


We utilise an Australian made teeth whitening product called POLA so you can be assured about its safety. The most successful and economical method of achieving teeth whitening is take home whitening. Custom made trays are fabricated to hold the gel and fit your teeth accurately.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when the nerve of a tooth has died or become infected, usually as a result of deep decay or trauma.  Having a root canal is more cost effective than an extraction and prosthetic replacement with dentures, bridges or implants. An alternative to extraction, root canal treatment allows you to maintain your tooth for chewing and aesthetics.


Gum Treatment

The foundation of your teeth are the gums and supporting bone.  As part of a comprehensive examination, your dentist will check the health of your gums. Common signs of gum disease (gingivitis and/or periodontitis) include bleeding, swelling, bad breath, loose teeth and gaps that are appearing between drifted teeth following loss of bone support.


The goal of periodontal treatment is to control any infection that exists and to halt the progression of the disease. Treatment options involve home care with proper brushing and flossing, professional scaling and cleaning that controls the growth of harmful bacteria and, in more advanced cases of disease, surgery to restore supportive tissues.

Gum disease is a serious infection. Evidence now links gum disease to a variety of health concerns, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.


Gum disease can be a disfiguring disease. Your gums swell in size and become red. They may bleed very readily. Your teeth may shift and dark spaces between your teeth may start showing. The teeth then become loose and may need to be removed. Early detection as with other diseases is the key to successful treatment.


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